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Manifesto of the National Democratic Alliance

Freedom. Nation. Progress.

Now, in the early 21 th century, Russia was facing total systemic crisis. Commodity economy rapidly deteriorates, old Soviet infrastructure is falling apart, against the backdrop of disintegrating social relationships thrive semi-feudal bureaucratic clans and ethnic mafias. Obviously, this is not temporary difficulties, and historical impasse, which led us to the age-old imperial, anti-national and anti-democratic public policy.

Primarily, these problems are the lack of Russian political nation and the Russian national democratic state is replaced by a surrogate «multinational state» — senseless by a splinter of the USSR. The current Russian state struggled counteracts the natural process of forming a political nation, any political and economic initiatives of citizens. Under the existing system of Russian political rights whatsoever — do not have their own statehood. Russian regions are actually regions of the donor for the ethnic nation-state entities (primarily the North Caucasus republics). This is an unfair redistribution of resources is justified by the interests of the imaginary «territorial integrity», which thus establishes a priority to the welfare of the Russian people.

The richest resource base, vast territory, historical and geographical links with Europe — all this gives to the Russian people a great opportunity for economic and socio-cultural development. But any progressive activity in Russia today faces a brick wall of public corruption and bureaucratic mayhem. Shaping the nation, developing self-management, eliminating bureaucratic barriers — the only way we can create the conditions for self-fulfillment and productive interaction between citizens, the foundation of overall success. Economic and social development requires a consideration of the specifics of each region, and it can be done only if the maximum power of citizens in the economic and social spheres, without looking at the «center».

We are convinced that the movement of the present course will lead Russia to a massive crisis, which could result in a complete territorial, economic and social disintegration. The various partnerships over the centuries node intractable problems now threatening the very existence of the Russian ethnos. Leaving the situation can only provide a comprehensive response to a fundamental reorganization of the Russian state and society.

National Democratic Alliance aims to create Russian democratic state, which strongly breaks with Eurasian imperial legacy, opting in favor of a European cultural and civilizational identity, freedom and progress. The purpose of this is directly related to the formation of the Russian political nation as the bearer of the sovereignty of the Russian state.

We believe it is necessary that:

1. In nation-building:

— The formation of seven Russian national republics of Russia, within limits, approximately correlated with the boundaries of federal districts;

— Approval of the main task for the Russian republics of protecting the interests of their titular population, giving the republics of the extensive powers in law enforcement, economic, social and migration policies;

— Being re Federation based on a single equitable federal agreement between the Russian and other national republics, the creation of a genuine federal state;

— Adoption of the new status of the Federation of State, the successor of the Russian Democratic Federative Republic and the Russian Federation;

— Preventing the signing of a new federal agreement which today are part of the national republics of Russia S. Caucasus (with the exception of Adygeya), with a preliminary revision of the remaining frontiers of the USSR as a historic wrong way;

— Reduction of bureaucracy to the minimum required;

— Reduction of privileges of officialdom;

— Moving the largest possible amount of authority from the federal to the republican and regional levels.

2. In domestic policy:

— Establishment of a democratic system of elections of the legislative and executive authorities at all levels, strengthening local self-government;

— Unconditional implementation of civil rights and liberties;

— Unconditional lifting of all the political articles of the Penal Code, especially art. 282 and Art. 280;

— Minimization of the conditions necessary for the registration of political parties, the possibility of formation of regional and interregional political parties;

— Serial secularism, the separation of church and state and of church and state;

— Strengthening the role of the jury, the introduction of election judges and chiefs of local departments of the Interior;

— Legalization of trafficking, possession and carrying citizens over 21 years of the short firearms;

— Focus on improving the quality of life and education for children and youth, recognition of the quality of life of children and youth a priority in relation to the quantitative indicators of fertility;

— Go to a professional army, the downsizing of the armed forces, the transition to the practice of hiring on a contractual basis by private persons and companies to organize an army supply and construction, the formation of a voluntary National Guard;

— Condemnation of the crimes of the Soviet and other communist regimes, the policy desovetizatsii state and public life, lustration measures against activists neo-Soviet regime;

— Strict limits on immigration from countries of the Caucasus, Asia and Africa, the most responsible approach to the granting of citizenship Federation, the review of decisions to grant citizenship to persons from the Federation of the countries who have received it since December 8, 1991;

— Minimizing the requirements for obtaining citizenship Federation ethnic Russian living abroad;

— Simplification of entry and immigration requirements for citizens of EU and U.S..

3. In foreign policy:

— A complete abandonment of imperial imitation of Soviet foreign policy;

— The adoption rate for sequential convergence and cooperation with the European Union and NATO;

— Condemnation of Soviet expansionism and the establishment of good partnerships with the countries of Eastern Europe;

— Rejection of the senseless doctrine of «energy superpower» and the transition to rational-egoistic policy priority of internal problems;

— An end to support countries in power in which there are totalitarian-communist and radical Islamist regimes, curtailing the supply of weapons to these countries;

— Termination of a visa-free regime with the countries that constitute the source of illegal immigration and drug trafficking, strict control of borders;

— Revision of the unilateral number of Russian-Chinese agreements in recent years, as contrary to national interests.

4. In economic policy:

— Establishment of the rule of law and the maintenance of property rights in all spheres of economic activity;

— Reducing the role of state intervention in business, particularly in innovative sectors;

— An end to subsidies to individual companies, as long as there is no established effective legal and democratic control over public spending;

— Reduction of the share of federal taxes in the tax base, increasing the budgetary autonomy of the Federation;

— Support for inter-regional mobility, investment and trade links;

— Replacement of VAT and income tax single sales tax, to reduce bureaucratic procedures and improve the collection;

— Raising tariffs on commodity exports to reduce the tax burden on enterprises of industrial, service and innovation sectors;

— Abandonment of protectionism in the low-tech industries;

— Simplification of the mechanisms of capital investment in Russian companies from abroad;

— Creation of offshore zones and free trade zones in the territory of the Federation;

— The maximum facilitation of the acquisition of property and lease the land for residence, agriculture or the organization of production.

Adopted at the Inaugural Conference of the National Democratic Alliance

On being re-creation of the Russian Federation and the Russian republics

1. NDA considers the current state system of the Russian Federation, unfair, irrational and hamper the development of its peoples.
The main problems are:
— Uncertain status of the Federation of lack of establishing a federal agreement between regions;
— Asymmetric nature of the Federation, which as of the Federation simultaneously existing territorial and national and state education;
— Disadvantaged position of the Russian people, the largest of the peoples of the Federation.

2. NDA considers necessary to eliminate the above problems.
Should be being re Federation on the following bases:
— Finally, between regions of equal federal treaty establishing the wearer to the Federation of nature;
— Go to the construction of the Federation on the basis of national-state entities — the national republics;
— Creation by combining existing russkonaselennyh subjects of the Federation a number of Russian republics, which will become full participants in the new federal contract.

3. Legal way to implement our proposals are:
— Combine russkonaselennyh actors and the creation of Russian republics in accordance with the Federal Constitutional Law «On the procedure adopted in the Russian Federation and education of new subjects of the Russian Federation»;
— Convening in accordance with Art. 135 of the Constitution of the RF Constitutional Assembly, who takes over the functions of the constituent, the development of the Constitutional Assembly of the order to sign a new federal agreement and the draft Constitution updated Federation, accepted by popular vote.
The Constituent Assembly should declare its continuity with the Russian Constituent Assembly (1918), as a renewed federation of its continuity with the established them Russian Democratic Federative Republic.

Adopted at the Inaugural Conference of the National Democratic Alliance

March 13, 2010 in Moscow

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